“Using 3D printers and associated software is still too complex”

Institute Polytechnique Paris

3D Printing

With Dolphin 2 3D printer, every user can achieve printed parts with great mechanical properties. Not only those, who are expert users.

How we make 3D printing accessible?

would you be able to print like a professional, if everything complex is done by our software?

Why this is everything what we need?

Today's 3D printing software is complex and totally dependent on user

User has to guide the printer turn by turn, specifying up to 400 technological parameters in software. Just like navigation on paper map.

Dolphin 2 automatically gets all the necessary technical information about 3D printing material

based on which Dolphin 2 software does print data optimization task. Just like smartphone navigation, user just provides current position and desired destination.

Data | software | sensors

Dolphin 2 is a world-unique 3D printer that combines proven technologies to make the smartest 3D printer on the market at the time of launch.

Setting up
the print on Dolphin

Setting up
the print on Competition

(no matter how “easy” competition interface looks, user is currently responsible for all those parameters)

For Investors

What we bring to our customers

To non-technicians (architects, industrial designers, education) we open the world of 3D printing.  Currently they use 3D printing if it gives them such a great advantage, that it is beneficial for them to invest the energy and time necessary to become expert users.

To technicians we bring printed parts with better mechanical properties Thanks to our in-house developed optimization software, they will be hardly able to achieve the same 3D printed part with the same (or better) mechanical properties using competitors solutions.

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We have won Student Enterpreneurship Award, organized by Brno University of Technology (BUT) and the South Moravian Innovation Center (JIC).

The jury especially appreciated that our 3D printer solves a common problem of FDM (FFF) 3D printing, which makes it accessible to a wider range of users.