Confidence in every layer

Save 50% of material automatically in no time

✔ Unlock full potential of 3D printing

✔ Massively save material costs and human labor

✔ Optimization Plug-in that runs on top of your Slicer

Maximize 3D Printing

Every print is the best

SelfSlice intelligent infill ensures that the material is used only where it is absolutely necessary. The part strength is the same as printing it as usual, but with 50% less material used. Setting up SelfSlice takes the same amount of time as printing with the default print profile, but it is much more efficient.

Save Material

Optimize your 3D printing process with SelfSlice and save material without compromising quality. Our advanced SelfSlice optimization ensures not one more gram of material is used. Start maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs.

Improve Strength

Doubting the strength of your parts for printing? Let SelfSlice handle it. Our automated, user-friendly process ensures your models are optimized for strength without any hassle. Fast, easy, and reliable – trust SelfSlice to reinforce your prints effortlessly.. The whole process is automatic, fast and easy to use.

How does it work?

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Simply set the Force and Fixing points

Say goodbye to endless settings adjustments. With SelfSlice, setting the print like a pro couldn’t be simpler. Instead of deliberating over infill density, just indicate where force is applied and how much is the force strong. Our intuitive interface, tested with high-school students, makes it effortless. Just click on your model and move the slider – it’s that easy.

Optimalizovaný tisk bílý

Use Inteligent Infill Optimization

Utilize exactly the material you need with SelfSlice’s Intelligent Infill optimization. Say goodbye to wasteful printing – our advanced algorithms analyze your model’s structure, placing denser infill only where necessary, layer by layer. It’s automated and effortless: just indicate force application and strength with our intuitive interface. Say hello to efficient printing with SelfSlice.


Print strong parts and save costs

SelfSlice delivers optimized prints with lightning-fast user interaction, it is as fast as using your default Slicer settings, but much more optimized. Save on material and labor costs while achieving unmatched optimization. Fully compatible with your existing setup, it ensures transparency and efficiency at every step. And you always have end control over the result.

About us

We founded our 3D printing startup in December 2021 with the goal of bringing our own 3D printer to market. However, after conducting market research and speaking with customers and investors, we realized that we could help more people more easily by focusing on software. We developed a testing tool that allowed for local sectioning of printouts, and through customer testing in the spring of 2022, we refined a setup method that speeds up 3D printing by up to 40% without sacrificing print quality. As currently the only ones in the world with this new 3D printing method, we gained support from established 3D printing companies and received positive feedback from customers. With the launch of the SelfSlice product, we’re excited to enter the market and continue exploring the possibilities of optimizing and improving 3D printing.