Why reduce printing time?

SelfSlice helps you optimize your 3D printing process, allowing you to produce high-quality printed parts while minimizing printing time and costs. Reducing printing time allows you to grow your business and to improve your leading times. Our software achieves up to 40% reduction in printing time by optimizing the printed sections of the 3D model, resulting in a minimal reduction in quality. You can use SelfSlice with your favorite Slicer and 3D printer to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.

How does it work?

SelfSlice Basic PrusaSlicer detail


Slice your part in your preferred Slicer and use a simple layer height modification to prepare it for printing with SelfSlice. SelfSlice uses a new method which is able to print the inner parts of the print with increased layer height resulting in up to 40% time savings, but keeping the small layer height of the outter outline of the print, resulting in high print quality.

SelfSlice Basic SelfSlice detail


Drag the G-code file into the SelfSlice Web App, specify the layer height modification in which you want to use smaller layer height of the outter outline.  This way, you are maintaining the quality of the original print, but reducing the printing time.

IMG_7168_edited small


Upload the modified G-code file to your 3D printer. SelfSlice optimizes the G-code to ensure full compatibility with your printer, so simply start printing and enjoy faster print times without the need to buy a more expensive printer, use a different slicer, or change your printing material.


 Using SelfSlice resulted in a time savings of 1 hour and 16 minutes for this particular piece.

€ 260/year

Single-user access to the SelfSlice Web App.

Currently, SelfSlice uses a new method of 3D printing in which only the external perimeter (outer line of the print) is printed with small layer height, while everything else is printed using a higher layer height.

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System requirements

The current version of SelfSlice supports single extrusion printing on FFF 3D printers and g.code generated by PrusaSlicer.